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How to Repair a Split Carpet Seam

Posted - 04/05/2012

Because flooring can be expensive, we hope and pray that it lasts a long time. Although some types of flooring can withstand almost anything, carpets can easily tear. Normal wear-and–tear, improper installation and destructive pets and children can cause it to rip at the seams. If this happens to your carpet, don’t despair. It can be easily fixed with some simple tools.

First, get the measurements of the split seam by using a tape measure. Next, cut some carpet tape (available at your local hardware or home improvement store) to size. Be careful when handling carpet tape, as it is extremely sticky and difficult to remove.

The next step is to pull back the carpet and locate the center point. The center point is the point where the other side of the carpet meets the floor. Draw a line along this edge. You will then want to make room for the tape by pulling back both edges of the carpet. The next step is to center the tape along the line you drew with the pencil. It may be easier to have someone help you with this. Roll the carpet back down slowly. The edges of the carpet should meet.

Test the area by putting something on it or walking on it. Hopefully these tips will help you repair your carpet seam easily. If all else fails, call your local carpet installation company for assistance. They are experts in the field of carpet repair.
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